Selected references for identifying New Zealand Miridae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera)

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How to cite this publication: Larivière M-C, Larochelle A 2014. Selected references for identifying New Zealand Miridae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera).

The taxonomy of New Zealand plant bugs (Miridae) is relatively well known thanks mostly to AC Eyles who has produced or co-produced abundant work on the subject. Diagnostic information, however, is scattered through several papers and a number of journals.
     The aim of the present publication is to facilitate access to diagnostic information by providing a centralised inventory of the most relevant references, with hyperlinks to online versions. 
     The New Zealand Miridae fauna was catalogued by Larivière & Larochelle (2004: Fauna of New Zealand 50) who provided information on geographic distribution, biology and dispersal abilities associated with all taxa, as well as colour photos of most primary types and their labels. An updated checklist supplementing the 2004 Heteroptera catalogue was published by Larivière & Larochelle (2014)
    The Photographic guide published on the present website provides photos for the majority of New Zealand species.  

Selected references

Subfamilies of Miridae
Key to subfamilies (Cylapinae, Deraeocorinae, Mirinae, Orthotylinae, Phylinae, Bryocorinae) (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Subfamily Bryocorinae
Key: genera (Felisacus, Engytatus), species (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Description: Engytatus nicotianae (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

DescriptionFelisacus elegantulus (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Subfamily Cylapinae
DescriptionPeritropis aotearoae (Gorczyca & Eyles, 1997)

Subfamily Deraeocorinae
Key: tribes (Deraeocorini, Termatophylini) (Cassis & Eyles, 2006); genera (Larivière, 2014)

Tribe Deraeocorini
Key: genera (Deraeocoris, Poecilomiris, Reuda, Romna) (Eyles, 2006)

DescriptionDeraeocoris maoricus (Eyles & Carvalho, 1988b)
Diagnosis: Poecilomiris species (Eyles, 2006)
DescriptionReuda mayri (Eyles & Carvalho, 1988b)

Key: Romna species (Eyles, 2006)

Tribe Termatophylini
DescriptionMaoriphylina dimorpha (Cassis & Eyles, 2006)

Subfamily Mirinae 
Key: tribes (Stenodemini, Mirini) (Eyles, 2001)

Tribe Mirini
Key: genera (Anexochus, Bipuncticoris, Chinamiris, Closterotomus, DiomocorisKiwimiris, Lincolnia, Monopharsus, Sidnia, Stenotus, Taylorilygus, Tinginotum, Tuicoris, Wekamiris) ( Eyles, 2001)

Description: Anexochus crassicornis (Eyles, 2001)

Key and revision: Bipuncticoris species (Eyles & Carvalho, 1995)

Key and revision: Chinamiris species (Eyles & Carvalho, 1991)

Description: Closterotomus norwegicus (Eyles, 2000b)

Key and revision: Diomocoris species (Eyles, 2000a)

Key and revision: Kiwimiris species (Eyles & Carvalho, 1995)

Description: Lincolnia lucernina (Eyles & Carvalho, 1988a)

Description: Megaloceroea recticornis (Eyles, 2000b)

Description: Monopharsus annulatus (Eyles & Carvalho, 1995)

Description: Sidnia kinbergi (Eyles, 2000b)

Description: Stenotus binotatus (Eyles, 2000b)

Description: Taylorilygus apicalis (Eyles, 2000b)

Description: Tinginotum minutum (Eyles, 2000c)

Description: Tuicoris lipurus (
Eyles, 2001)

Description: Trigonotylus tenuis (Eyles, 2000b)

Description: Wekamiris auropilosus (Eyles & Carvalho, 1995)

Supplementary descriptions
Female genitalia: Bipuncticoris, B. planus, B. triplex 
(Eyles, 2001)
Female genitalia: Chinamiris, C. aurantiacus, C. fascinans, C. indeclivis (Eyles, 2001)
Female genitalia: Kiwimiris (Eyles, 2001)
Female genitalia: Lincolnia (Eyles, 2001)
Female genitalia: Wekamiris (Eyles, 2001)

Tribe Stenodemini
Key: genera (ChaetedusMegaloceroea, Trigonotylus) (Eyles, 2001); species (Eyles, 1975)

Subfamily Orthotylinae
Key: tribes (Halticini, Orthotylini) (Eyles, 2005)

Tribe Halticini
Key: genera (Coridromius, Halticus), species (C. variegatus [=C. chenopoderis], H, nminutus) (Eyles, 2005)

Description: Coridromius variegatus [=C. chenopoderis] (Eyles, 2005)

Description: Halticus minutus (Eyles, 2005)

Tribe Orthotylini
Key: genera (Cyrtorhinus, Josemiris, Tridiplous, Zanchius) (Eyles, 2005)

Description: Cyrtorhinus cumberi (Eyles, 2005)

Description: Josemiris carvalhoi (Eyles, 2005)

Key and revision: Tridiplous species 
(Eyles, 2005)

Key and revision: Zanchius species (Eyles, 2005)

Subfamily Phylinae
Key: tribes (Phylini, Leucophopterini)  (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Tribe Leucophopterini
Key: genera (Tytthus, Sejanus [=Ausejanus]) (Eyles & Schuh, 2003: 267)

DescriptionSejanus albisignatus [=Ausejanus albisignatus
(Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

DescriptionTytthus chinensis (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Tribe Phylini
Note: Schuh & Menard (2013) transferred New Zealand representatives of the tribePhylini to the tribes Cremnorrhini (Lopus), Nasocorini (Campylomma), and Semiini (other genera).

Key: genera (Basileobius, Campylomma, Cyrtodiridius, Halormus, Lopus, Mecenopa, Monospatha, Pimeleocoris, Polyozus, Xiphoides (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Description: Basileobius gilviceps (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Campylomma novocaledonica (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

 Cyrtodiridius aurantiacus (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Halormus velifer (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Lopus decolor (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Mecenopa albiapex (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Monospatha distincta (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Key and revision: Pimeleocoris species (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Polyozus galbanus (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)

Key and revision: Xiphoides species (Eyles & Schuh, 2003)